Management service

Residential lettings

Your property will be marketed by NWF Kavanagh using local press, detail particulars, internet website advertising and ‘To Let’ boards. Letting particulars are prepared and circulated as appropriate and negotiations will be undertaken with prospective tenants. Terms and conditions agreed, references taken and verified. A detailed photographic inventory is prepared of the contents together with a schedule of condition report.

Residential property management

All rents are collected on a monthly basis and accounted for to the Landlord via direct credit to the Landlord’s bank or building society. Computerised management service offers the Landlord a fast and efficient service.

Quarterly internal and external inspections of the property are undertaken by NWF Kavanagh as part of our standard service. All outgoings and disbursements are settled out of the rental income and are charged at cost.

Full contact where necessary is kept with insurance companies to monitor and assist in any claims. Repairs are organised and carried out where necessary and are charged at cost.

Procedures are implemented for the compliance with all current regulations concerning the quality of furnishings and also gas and electrical appliances with managed properties.

Assured Shorthold Tenancies

All new lettings comply with revised conditions set out in the 1988 Housing Act as amended by the 1996 Housing Act. Our staff will be available to advise on the most appropriate form of letting the individual property.

Rent and Fair Rents

The staff of NWF Kavanagh will when and where requested via the Rent Officer  liaise over the registration of fair rents and submissions of appeals for existing tenancies. The negotiations will follow the guide lines and regulations in conjunction with the Assessment Committee wherever possible.


Advise given over your tax liability should always be confirmed by your Accountant and / or tax specialist. Further guidance notes are available from our office. Are you resident, non-resident, what will be taxed and what can be offset against your income? Managing agents for liable for any tax liability relating to the property if you are living outside the UK and your earnings abroad are not subject top UK tax. Whilst the 1996 Regulations have made it possible for overseas Landlord’s to receive their rent without any retentions via their managing agents the tax laws on the Managing Agents and Tax Laws are frequently changing and along with Landlord’s and Agents liabilities. Any income retained for taxation purposes will be held in the interest earning accruing accounts and we would always recommend professional advice.

Professional fees

A full quotation without any obligation for any of the above services is available from NWF Kavanagh upon request.

For further information please contact the offices on 01200 42 66 33 or e-mail at

Regulations for Landlord’s

The following leaflets are available for NWF Landlord’s upon request. Please contact the office on the numbers supplied at the foot of this page.

Furniture and furnishings (Fire Safety Regulations) this is a leaflet for general advise on the rules and regulations concerning fire safety in rented accommodation.

Gas safety regulations 1994 this contains a brief guide and summary of the Gas Safety (Installation and Use Regulations) 1984.

Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994 a guide to the current rules and regulations concerning the safety of electrical appliances.

Lettings and Tax guidance notes on the records you need to keep and how to make a simple annual return to the Inland Revenue. You may wish to consider professional advice from a Chartered Accountant.

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